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Time flies by very fast. Sometimes too fast for me to play catch up with it.

And today, I found out that both my Livejournal and Dreamwidth accounts have not been updated for more than a year. To be honest, I had wanted to update many times in the past. But all the hustle and bustle of working life (and me being lazy), resulted in my inability to post anything lately, even though I still lurk about my favourite fandoms.

So let's change that, and be more active at blogging from now on, I thought on a whim. How motivated am I to keep going at this, well... let's find out, eh?

So for a start, here's something I recently purchased:

My CD Purchases

Sakamoto Maaya's new album Singer-SongWriter and Kalafina's fourth album Consolation.

I found out about Maaya's album first before news of Kalafina's new album came out. And since they are both released only a week apart, I went ahead and pre-ordered them both from CDJapan, and have them shipped together to save shipping costs. Limited Edition with DVD version for Maaya, and the regular version for Kalafina. Since I made my purchase from CDJapan, Maaya's CD came with a special booklet with interview about the album as well.

My second CD purchase for both artists. I had already bought Kalafina's third album After Eden back in 2011, and Maaya's Single Collection + Mitsubachi last year (together with a book called Tsuki no Sango that comes with Maaya's roudoku CD). Apparently Maaya wrote and composed all the songs in this latest album, which I must say is quite a feat. I'm quite used to her lyric writing by now since she has done that for some time now, but acting as the composer and producer at the same time.... I'm very happy with the results. The songs have a very "Maaya" feel to them, honest and kind, and I'm really glad I bought this album.

When I decided to buy the LE version with DVD for Singer-SongWriter, it was quite a gamble. Because the DVD is Region 2, and I live in a Region 3 country. But I've heard that the Kalafina DVDs seem to be Region-less (or something like that), and I've never bought an LE version of any CD before, so I went ahead with it, hoping it might be the same. I definitely can't play it on the regular DVD player, and my computer will prompt me to change my Region to watch the documentary video (which is a no-go for me). Luckily, it turns out that I can in fact play a Region 2 DVD just fine using VLC Player. Now I just need to figure out how to rip the DVD :P

This turned out longer than I thought. I'll stop here for now, and update again when I feel like it. Soon, hopefully.

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