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The first episode is already available for watching - with subs! That's super fast... wasn't it only aired yesterday? XD

Anyway, it looks pretty interesting. And we have Kalafina's Magia playing right off the bat! Sounds like a pretty dark song, but I'll reserve that until I find the lyrics. Music wise, there isn't much to talk about yet I guess. At first I thought the first music was the battle theme or something - turns out it was Magia instead. Sounds awesome though. Can't wait to listen to the full version. The other little bits in the episode does have Kajiura sound to them - especially the BGM around the 2nd half, with the operatic voice in battle - another Mezame in the making?

The world design looked a bit futuristic. And from the first episode, I kinda like every character so far, even Akemi (isn't it supposed to be Homura Akemi instead of Akemi Homura? Oh well...). Madoka seems to be a pretty likeable character to me. And that Kyubey thingy reminds me of white Mokona :P

I'm looking forward to episode 2 already ^^
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Happy New Year!

I basically celebrated the new year by...... being snug in bed XD

Haha.. yeah, I'm not really the type to party around anyway. I absolutely abhor being in crowded and noisy places. And besides, I'd rather stay home and do my own stuff anyway. Why yes, I am a hermit indeed :P

Spent the first day of 2011 being reacquainted with my beloved piano. Now that I'll have more free time, I plan to play more. I've been going through my old printed music sheets and books trying them out again. I have so many things that I actually wanted to try out, so either I saved the music sheets in my computer, or I printed them out but never really tried to play them properly.

What I realized is that when you start working, time spent on your hobbies and passion just gets lesser and lesser... even though you DO want to spend time on it, other stuff takes precedence instead. Ah well, that's life for you.

Happy New Year to everyone. May this year be much better year for all of us :)
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Yesterday it was confirmed that the project I had been working on has officially concluded! Hurray! :D  *throws confetti*

And just a few days short of when I have to leave too. I'm glad this project is finally finished within the timeline I hoped. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment seeing it going along smoothly. There were some bumps on the road, of course... and could have been better managed had I been a bit more expressive with my opinions. And the next people to take over the processes from now on hopefully won't have too much trouble. End of year 2010 + start of year 2011 = tons of cargo moving from the ports, either by shippers striving to get their end of year shipments out, or those wanting to get the first shipment of 2011 out.

Plus, it's something I can mention in my resume! Leadership skills-wise.... probably not so outstanding, but at least now I have some management experience under my belt ^^

Although the sad things is, six months into my tenure at this company, and I'm none the wiser of what I want to do after this once my contract ends.

Which is... really pathetic, to be honest.

Do I want to continue being in the engineering field, or do I want to continue my studies? Which begs another question - What course do I want to take? Seriously, my life is so fucked up. I have no clear view of what I even want. Maybe I really should have taken my mom's advice at that time, but the thought of it made me refuse to go into that path. Even though I actually do enjoy it, I don't want to study language/literature 24/7, you know? :\

Thursday is my last day at Maersk. And strangely enough, I'm looking forward to it. I have plans to settle some outstanding matters in my very loooong to-do list (mostly banking, organizing, and job search related). My wallet's going to be tight though, so I'll have to be careful with my expenditure. I guess a new piano is going to be put on hold until my financial situation improves.

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Merry Christmas to those celebrating it! :D

Almost 2 days late though XD (well, if you follow my timezone, anyway)

Had a wonderful day watching Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader today with my sister and cousins. It's been such a long time since we went out like this. I'm just so happy we could hang out together again. The movie was really awesome! I've read all of the Narnia novels, but it was so long ago, I don't exactly remember much of the plot anymore. But the visuals was stunning, and there wasn't a dull moment, and wasn't very lengthy either - which is perfect! Caspian is really good looking, and though I'm sad we only get two out of four Pevensie siblings in this movie, Eustace pretty much made up for the lack XD

Although by reading some blogs, I recently come across a pretty disturbing revelation (should I even call it that?) about the whole setup in Narnia. It will need me doing some more info digging on it though. It's the part where Aslan says "I am known by a different name in your world" line... okay, I can't remember how it was phrased exactly, but that's the scene I'm talking about. Like I mentioned, it will need some digging, because even I thought it was strange the first time I read it, but I let it pass.

Saving it for another entry? Maybe...


Oh by the way, Dreamwidth is giving me another invite code for some odd reason. So if anyone of you in my F-list wants the code (or have a friend who wants the code), please let me know, because I have no use for it.


Dec. 13th, 2010 07:10 am
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Can I pretend I'd be able to catch Hakuouki Hekketsuroku Ep 11 when I get back from work today?

Yeah, I'm totally in denial. I can't believe it ended like that :(

More updates when I feel like writing long essays.
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Whoa, I left the office about 8pm today.

And I probably would've left much later, but I decided I need a break. All because I'm taking a day off on Monday, and my back-up goes on leave too. Seriously, what a frickin' tiring day. You just can't win against everyone, can you?

Time to step up to my decisions. And force some out of people.

*brain dead*
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I was at work this morning when I suddenly felt like the table shook slightly.


My colleague: Was it shaking just now?

Me: Yeah.

Colleague next to me: Really? I didn't feel anything.

Which is probably the answer most people in the office would have given. The shaking lasted very briefly, only about 3-4 seconds. But to those of us in my team who felt the shaking, it really felt like an earthquake. Thank God it was so brief. I'm actually surprised that we could feel the shaking though, considering the office building is only 7 stories high, located on a hill, and the ground seems pretty sturdy to me.

Still, I did some digging and here's what I found.

omg it really was an earthquake! O.O

The time matched perfectly with the time we felt the shaking. It was a magnitude 5.4 earthquake in Northern Sumatera, about 300 km from Kuala Lumpur. If we could feel a magnitude 5.4 earthquake from somewhere 300 km away from us (and we're separated by the ocean too!), then we'd probably be panicking if a bigger tremor were to come. Which I hope doesn't come anytime soon, God willing.

Scary thoughts...

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I had actually been eyeing this book for the longest time. I should have just bought it all those while. What a perfect waste of opportunity. I must admit that I don't read much from the local authors. But this book just caught my eye. Probably because I have heard of Adibah Amin since I was a child, but I had never read any of her works before.

Adibah Amin used to be a schoolteacher in the early years of her career, where she even rose to become a headmistress. But she then decided to quit schoolteaching and jump into the world of journalism. This book is a compilation of a weekly column she wrote for The New Straits Times, titled As I was Passing, which she wrote under the pen name Sri Delima. It was first published in the year 1976, but the copy I bought is a much more recent re-print of the compilation.

Basically, this book is written about "everything under the sun". And that everything under the sun also features a glimpse of what life is like in Kuala Lumpur in the 1970s. The city was only starting to flourish at that time, but it's surprising how the everyday things KL-ites go through those days are pretty similar to what we have nowadays. I guess some things just don't change. And some things are just too Malaysian and is probably here to stay :P

I suppose the varied theme is what made the book fun for me to read. It was different than how it is today, and yet you could also find many similarities. But what I really feel a loss for is the way of living. It just seemed so... peaceful. The kampong life she described just sounded so nice, and this thoroughly born and bred city girl feels like she missed a lot... in many ways.

But that just makes me more determined to buy the next installment of the book. And any other stuff she's written that I can get my hands on ^^


Nov. 8th, 2010 09:29 pm
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I guess I have to prepare to have my heart broken again and again for the upcoming Hakuouki Hekketsu-roku episodes.

Seriously. If the raws come out pretty regularly as I've been seeing so far, I'll have my heart broken repeatedly every Monday night T_T

I don't know how many episodes it will have, but... the story so far had me wishing for Mondays to come sooner, even though I'll just be sad again.
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I have discovered the awesomeness of the bishie laden Hakuouki!

And I found some really cute chibi icons from the hakuoki LJ comm! I can't help myself. They're just so cute. No prizes for guessing which is my favourite character, but to be honest, I like all of them :3

If only I could play the game too. But I don't think they have any English version, not officially anyway. I know there are ISO files of the Japanese version available, I'm not sure if I really want to play it. Even though (personally) I think my Japanese understanding is getting slightly better, I still terribly suck at translations. Don't even get me talking about the grammar. I am hopelessly adrift with that.

The anime cannot fully explain all the things revealed in the game within such a strict episode limit. So when I read reviews of the anime, I can understand why people think some parts are just... not explained fully, like "where did this development suddenly come from?" type of expression. I know from browsing the comm that there were parts that were originally in the game that were not shown in the anime.

It's just like how some people bash Kara no Kyoukai because they can't seem to understand the concept and just simply flame people who like them. As is the case with light novel/manga/game to anime adaptation, the word adaptation itself shows that the original work was altered or adjusted to fit the new form of media (the anime, or whatever it's been adapted to). And it usually is not possible to completely express what the story was intended for. Which is why I really, really, really want to read the KnK light novels so badly. Damn you, Del Ray, I want my novels now!

Sorry, got a bit out of hand there.
Guess I'll just satisfy myself with the Drama CDs. And the second season :)

On another note, today is Sunday--------------- last day of relaxing at home (and going shopping later while the Deepavali sale is still around), before I start another week of my busy working life.

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I have never actually used my Lenovo Y410's webcam before.

And now that I need to use it, it won't work >.<

Just my luck. I hate computer problems.
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Because this deserves a post on it's own.

I've finally bought Neil Gaiman's Stardust! :D

Which really surprised me, as I was casually browsing my local bookstore, and lo! It was sitting there with a few other Neil Gaiman titles (of which I was sorely tempted to buy, but I feel I need to keep a leash on my wallet, or I will start spending out of control).

Also, trailer for the Kara no Kyoukai BD release next February! http://www.karanokyoukai.com/movie/bd_pv.html

It's the real ending where Mikiya meets the third Shiki! I am so very excited about this!

I should buy this Y / Y? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Allow me to spam you with the latest tunes I've been hearing.

Suddenly had an impulse to listen to Gundam Seed Destiny songs and had a very profound "Ara, natsukashii~~~~!!!" feeling. And it also surprised me that even though I used to love this song so much, I'd actually never seen the PV before! Hence the post XD

And I can't believe how absolutely hooked I am with UxMishi right now! It's crazy! The fact that I think Nojima Kenji sounds awesome is so not helping. I find myself resisting the urge to check if he had actually done any anime songs. I am so, so rooting for a second season to Kaichou wa Maid-sama right now. Because then we might get more UxMishi :P

And I am also amazed that I'm actually crazy enough to type out the whole romaji lyrics of the album (because I couldn't find any lyrics posted at that time... or was I looking at the wrong place?)

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I decided to make a list of reading backlog that I have currently. And a wishlist :P

I actually have quite a lot of stuff lying around the house that I actually wanted to read, but somehow didn't get round to doing it. Hence the list. Because I find that nowadays if I don't have some kind of list, I can't for the life of me get a hold of the things I really wanted to have done.

Terrible, I know. I feel very old already ._.

The list isn't complete yet. There are a couple of my sister's books that I have my sights on. I can't seem to find them now though. And I find that since I started working, I've been even more diligent at buying and buying and buying books. Actually I wanted to buy more books, and I probably would have, if not for the fact that I'm so stingy with my money. And it's one of the main reasons that I like it when there are second hand books up for sale.

I bought a Torey Hayden book at the MPH bookstore at Subang Parade yesterday. And went for piano lesson today and found out there is a book sale nearby. And grabbed another second hand book  ^_^

Although I have to admit, the prices seemed to be much pricier than the last time they had it. Which is why I only bought one. Since I had a dentist appointment later in the afternoon, and wasn't sure how much it would cost me. But seriously, make it a bit cheaper, will you?
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I barely even log in to Dreamwidth anymore nowadays. Terrible, I know. Haven't been on LJ much either.

Less than a week left and September will come to a close, and I find myself with a growing list of to-do things, with a sinking feeling that it's going to take a hell of a long time to complete >.<

And come October, I will also start freaking out about my upcoming piano exam. Wonderful, self. When are you going to start practising more regularly instead of just the weekends? I even paid for the exam fees myself (about RM300+), since I've already started working and thought if I paid for it with my own hard earned money, I might be more motivated to actually work towards practising the exam pieces more.

Tough luck. Barely touched my piano during the weekdays. I don't have willpower for this kind of stuff.

On the fandom front, finally watched the end of UraBoku, K-On!!, and Kuroshitsuji S2. Was very happy with UraBoku and K-On!!'s endings, although I am secretly wishing UraBoku will have another season. I need more Reiga/Kanata, please :3

Kuro 2's ending surprised me. And for a while it gave me a WTF?! feeling. Will there be some kind of OVA airing anytime soon? Of course, I don't think it will warrant another season, given how things ended. But still... it left me feeling unsatisfied.

Thank goodness the manga seems to have been done with the Sebastian Holmes arc (lol :P). Hope we'll get a much more interesting arc after this. Not that it wasn't interesting, just that it doesn't seem to pique my interest all that much.

On work, my contract should end this September, but I've extended it to another 3 months. A colleague will be undergoing surgery on her spine soon (she has a slight scoliosis, making her spine curve like a C shape, although you can't really tell under clothes), so I'll be helping them out, since she'll have to go for rehabilitation after the surgery, and won't be coming in to work until January 2011.

Even though I'm happy I won't be jobless anytime soon, I'm kinda sad cause I probably won't see her much until my contract ends. Still haven't done any serious job hunting, and it's one of the things in my untouched to-do list right now. Really, I'm pretty hopeless at keeping deadlines >.<
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Trying not to make my LJ and DW inactive by posting after such a long period of just logging in occasionally to read my Friends Page.

Sorry for dropping out for such a long time. So many things happened lately that I just lost interest to write much.

In summary, this is pretty much what happened:
  • Piano exam schedule and registration mishap. Totally ruined my Saturday by making me in a bad mood.
  • Mid-sem tests - which was a disaster, sadly, despite studying :(
  • Career fair at uni last week - was on the lookout for potential companies I could send resumes to.
Basically, I can't believe I'm going to start working soon. Need to send out my resume more now. If only my CGPA was higher... >.<

More updates when I feel like writing.
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I almost forgot it was supposed to be released on Jan 20th.

The PV looked like a continuation from Storia PV XD

I'm not complaining though. It makes them look like three gipsy girls. To be honest, I wasn't really head over heels with this song the first time I listened to it while watching So Ra no Wo To (God, the title of this anime is pretty troublesome to write). But after listening to it a few times, it started to grow on me. It's a pretty happy song, since the previous single Progressive was rock-ish, it's a nice change.

And I'm glad Yuki decided to continue making slow paced, ethereal sounding songs for the single's B-side. I really enjoyed all of Kalafina's B-sides so far, like Gloria, lirica and Utsukushisa. In fact, I think I enjoyed Utsukushisa more than Progressive. But I do agree it's not they're not songs that you'd put as the main song in a single.


On a side note, I managed to download Kajiura Yuki Live Vol. 4 DVD videos!! :D

And I can't seem to stop watching the Hoshikuzu performance! XD

I only downloaded the FictionJunction ones though. I'm still pondering on whether I should download FictionJunction Yuuka's part as well. I adore Yuuka's dress that she wore during the live, but I only know a handful of her songs, compared to the rest of the FJ girls. But I loved it when she sang Akatsuki no Kuruma.

The only unfortunate thing is the video cuts that I downloaded doesn't have any MC part! T.T

I wanted to hear Yuki say "FictionPunktion"...

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Apparently I fail at a lot of things.... like oil painting.

I have to submit one by Tuesday, but despite having combed through whatever online tutorials I can on how to draw with oil paint on canvas, it still looked so bloody horrible. I need to finish it by today, since it needs a long time to dry... But I made a major error and I can't undo the damage :(

Whatever am I to do?

Sigh... Gonna play The Sims 3 now.. will attempt some more painting tonight.
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Deep Down You Are Sensitive

You're the type of person who notices everything and forgets nothing. You are very in tune with the world.

You feel deeply, and sometimes the silliest things can effect you. You are easily brought to laughter or tears.

You don't show the world how fragile you are. You instead show people how insightful you can be.

You are good at anticipating what's going to happen in your life. You are often the first one to see what's coming.

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Oh dear... I just finished a watercolor painting to be submitted during my Fine Arts class tomorrow. Have I mentioned how much I suck at drawing? Apparently I suck at this too. It turned out kinda fine before I started adding spectacles to the portrait, and then it was totally ruined, cause I'm not good with the detailed parts. Oh well...

Last Saturday I hung out with a few friends at Mutiara Damansara where we had dinner together. It's been a while since we could all meet together, since some of them had already started working. Ended up at the nearby Cineleisure to watch The Ugly Truth, which is hilarious, but not what I had imagined before I watched it.

The Ugly Truth spoilers... and my opinions  )

By the way, CLAMP fans, have you heard? Apparently there is big news about xxxHoLic.

Seriously, SPOILERS if you are not up to date with xxxHoLic )

Ooohhh!! I almost forgot to put this in. I only just found out that Chapter 1 of The Gathering Storm (the upcoming Book 12 of the Wheel of Time series) was posted at TOR's website HERE. Unfortunately, you have to register in order to read it, but it's free. I've registered, but I don't have the luxury of time to read it right now. I've read a bit of the early parts though, looks kinda good. Looking forward to the release this end of October   /hyper XD

Eh.. this entry went longer than I expected. But I guess it's good, since I want to focus on uni work right now. I've been procrastinating too much lately. We have a one week break next week, and immediately after that will be my mid-semester tests. So I'd better focus and start studying ._.

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