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Yup, just as the title suggests. My pre-ordered-more-than-a-month-ago Fiction II CD finally arrived from Japan this morning :D

I had it delivered to the office because there's noone home, in case of any issues with the package. But seems like everything's fine, so I'm glad. I was worried I might have to pay extra for VAT charges.

I'm so happy with this purchase. I've always wanted to buy my very own copy of the releases from Japanese artists that I like, but nowadays it seems like the music stores I go to mostly had an abundant of K-pop stuff, and the J-pop stuff that's available will comprise majorly of Hamasaki Ayumi (who I am not that fond of), and Utada Hikaru (who I love, so that's fine with me), and an assortment of random artists.

So I'm going to listen to the CD now, and probably post my thoughts on the CDs later. If I have the time to write them down :P
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