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Happy Valentine's Day to those celebrating it! :)

I'm not sure what's the current price of flowers and chocolates currently, but I suppose the price for flowers especially, would probably be at least double the normal price range? I'm always surprised at how much flowers cost nowadays. Of course, it also depends on what other accessories/decorations you put in the bouquet, as well as shipping them off to the recipient if one requests to have it delivered instead of handing it yourself.

But still, I wish it were not simply a tactic by the proprieters to get us to spend more than we should.

And speaking of chocolates, I suddenly have a HUGE craving for some good quality chocolate. I wonder if there are any patisserie here in Kuala Lumpur that specializes in chocolates. Or a chocolatier, really. In Japan, I believe the ladies are the ones who give chocolates to the person they like. Or just simply giving out chocolates to acquaintances they are friendly with [the difference between honmei chocolates and giri chocolates, but let's not get too in depth about that... and yes, I have been watching too many animes and reading too much manga, couldn't you tell? :P  but it's a good learning material for my Japanese language studies! *is shot* XD]

Thanks to a certain series, I now have the crazy idea of going out to buy some good quality chocolate couverture, and make something special with it. Yeah, I wonder how much it would cost, and then I would have check what kind of ingredients are in it, in case there are some things that I can't eat. It's not like I care so much about celebrating Valentine's Day anyway. I just want to eat chocolates.


But it would be nice if I could get some really good and delicious cooking chocolate, so I can make chocolate pear pudding. Tomorrow is a public holiday here, afterall. Buy some canned pears and choco powder, get home and start making the pudding, melt the cooking chocolate and drizzle a really generous amount over the just baked pudding.....


Is getting delusional. Time to go out for lunch.

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