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Yikes. It's been two months since my last update. How y'all been doing? Work's been kinda hectic for me. I don't even pop by LJ / DW much lately. So I humbly apologize for not very up-to-date with all of you *hugs*

Although that might change once I get over these two weeks. I'm currently taking a two-week intensive course on radiation protection at Nuklear Malaysia. So after the class is done, I'll get myself registered for the exam and hopefully (fingers crossed), I'll be able to obtain the certification to become a Radiation Protection Officer (RPO). I have a mixture of in awe + happy + freaking out that I'm taking such a qualification. I think it's a good career move, though. Especially since it's a professional qualification, and I think Malaysia is well on her way to have more nuclear based applications in the future, especially in medicine.

So anyway, here are all the other updates:
  • Kalafina's third album. I HAS IT. Haha... yeah, I think I recall posting that I'd be pre-ordering this CD. And that I certainly did. It just arrived today, so I'm still in the process of listening to the songs. Unfortunately, I'm still in training period (every day 8.30am - 5pm) so I don't have time to scan all the lovely pics from the booklet. If say.... by this weekend (?) or next week, I find nobody sharing the album over at jpop_uploads, I'll rip mine and post it there. I plan to scan the booklet anyway for my own keeping, so if I upload it, it will most definitely include the booklet scans.
  • Oh yeah, I got the First Press Bonus, so I got this mousepad. It's pretty, but it's kinda small  ><
  • Decided one day to randomly watch an episode of Natsume Yuujinchou San. And got hooked instantly XD And began a Natsume Yuujinchou marathon of the first 2 seasons. And bought Natsume Yuujinchou manga Vol 8 at Kinokuniya (haha... yes, I'm extreme). I have a penchant for this type of slice of life anime... even if it does involve youkai :P
  • Talking about extremes... I got hooked reading this manga called Black Bird. Finished reading whatever is scanlated, and I got hooked, bewitched, enchanted, mesmerized, and all the other similar meaning words you care to list from a thesaurus ----- to go download all the raw scans I could find of this manga. Found out I could only get until Vol 12 of the Japanese scans, so I went and bought Vol 13 and 14 (the latest) from Kinokuniya so that I can read the story. And yes, it's in Japanese. The Viz releases are only up to Vol 10. I can't wait so long for the official English version, so I bought the Japanese ones. I'm amazed at myself sometimes ><
  • Went to KLCC a few weeks ago, and managed to spend up to a few hundred ringgit on just books --- at Kinokuniya and Bookfest Malaysia (they were holding it at the Convention Centre there). Cheap books on sale. I just went @_@  oooh, what to choose, what to choose? And bought like, a bunch of stuff + manga. No idea when I'll finish this bunch XD

Uh, so sorry. Felt like in my absence of posts, I'm making it up with these incoherent updates. Anyway, I'll try to catch up with what everyone's up to :)
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It's been a long time since the previous update. I blame work and lack of motivation for the lack of updates u_u

So on to some news, both on the exciting and not so exciting part.

Sad news: Voice Actress Kawakami Tomoko passed away at the relatively young age of 41 after losing her battle against ovarian cancer. She was famous for her role as Utena in Revolutionary Girl Utena, which sadly, I have never watched before, but now I plan to. But I have always adored her as the voice of Misuzu (AIR), and as Rosette in Chrono Crusade. She has a recurring role in Bleach (as Soi Fon) too, so I guess they will have to find a replacement soon. Edit: Oops, wrong info. She only voiced Soi Fon until Ep 206, and after that it was voiced by Kuwashima Houko.

RIP Kawakami-san, you will be remembered of fondly :(

Good news 1: To take our minds off the depressing news above....

Kalafina 3rd album confirmed! :D
Nothing yet so far apart from it will be released sometime this autumn, but still... I'm seriously excited about this! There has only been only 2 singles so far -- Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa and Magia, but since it's been confirmed that Kajiura Yuki will be in charge of the music for Fate/Zero, is it too much to hope Kalafina will sing one of the theme songs? 

Still, I'm stoked by this news. And you can bet I'll be pre-ordering it this time round XD

Good news 2: I'm going to Japan tomorrow! :D

Well, it's actually a (super duper) short vacation in Tokyo, really. I'll be going with my dad and sister. Mom and my brother will have to stay home cause they can't get any leave with their current schedule. We'll depart tomorrow (Tuesday) and we'll be back home on Friday. Short, right?

But then again, none of us could really be away from work for too long. But we still want to have our vacation, so we decided to just get on with it or we'll never get the chance to go there :P

I have no idea how much I'll be able to spend... I think I could pretty much guess how much are the stuff I want to buy -- like CDs and such. But seriously, converted some ringgit to yen here, and RM 1,500 = ~40,000 yen only? o_O

I wonder how much money I'll have left once I buy souvenirs for family and colleagues... *sigh* I'm going to be broke T-T

I'll most likely post some pics of the trip when I get back ^^
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Yup, just as the title suggests. My pre-ordered-more-than-a-month-ago Fiction II CD finally arrived from Japan this morning :D

I had it delivered to the office because there's noone home, in case of any issues with the package. But seems like everything's fine, so I'm glad. I was worried I might have to pay extra for VAT charges.

I'm so happy with this purchase. I've always wanted to buy my very own copy of the releases from Japanese artists that I like, but nowadays it seems like the music stores I go to mostly had an abundant of K-pop stuff, and the J-pop stuff that's available will comprise majorly of Hamasaki Ayumi (who I am not that fond of), and Utada Hikaru (who I love, so that's fine with me), and an assortment of random artists.

So I'm going to listen to the CD now, and probably post my thoughts on the CDs later. If I have the time to write them down :P
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It's so bloody awesome! I can't wait for the PV to come out! XD

Fail mixing by LisAni staff! Konno is playing the violin for the middle part, but can barely hear it.

[Video removed from Youtube, but there are other videos available, but I won't be updating this]
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I almost forgot it was supposed to be released on Jan 20th.

The PV looked like a continuation from Storia PV XD

I'm not complaining though. It makes them look like three gipsy girls. To be honest, I wasn't really head over heels with this song the first time I listened to it while watching So Ra no Wo To (God, the title of this anime is pretty troublesome to write). But after listening to it a few times, it started to grow on me. It's a pretty happy song, since the previous single Progressive was rock-ish, it's a nice change.

And I'm glad Yuki decided to continue making slow paced, ethereal sounding songs for the single's B-side. I really enjoyed all of Kalafina's B-sides so far, like Gloria, lirica and Utsukushisa. In fact, I think I enjoyed Utsukushisa more than Progressive. But I do agree it's not they're not songs that you'd put as the main song in a single.


On a side note, I managed to download Kajiura Yuki Live Vol. 4 DVD videos!! :D

And I can't seem to stop watching the Hoshikuzu performance! XD

I only downloaded the FictionJunction ones though. I'm still pondering on whether I should download FictionJunction Yuuka's part as well. I adore Yuuka's dress that she wore during the live, but I only know a handful of her songs, compared to the rest of the FJ girls. But I loved it when she sang Akatsuki no Kuruma.

The only unfortunate thing is the video cuts that I downloaded doesn't have any MC part! T.T

I wanted to hear Yuki say "FictionPunktion"...

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