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Eh? How long has it been since I last posted on DW? On LJ too, I've been on a slight hiatus. So why not cross-post, right? I can kill two birds with one stone  ^__^

I managed to download the 6th movie in the Kara no Kyoukai series last week. Yeah.. it's been almost a week since I've downloaded and watched it, but there is just so much to do lately that I just don't have the mood to write much. I'm skipping work right now, coz I really don't feel like doing my assignments just yet |D

I wasn't expecting gg-takajun subs to appear until this week actually, considering that the official release of the DVD was actually last Wednesday, but on Thursday night, I  surfed the Internet and voila, the subs were there! I just went nuts when I saw the download links and straight away downloaded them ^^

As expected, the animation quality is very good indeed. The duration of the movie is back to within an hour, after the awesome, yet confusing and "spiralling" 5th movie. The faeries look kinda strange on closer look toward the end of the movie, though. But the lighting and the colours used to animate them made for a very beautiful effect. This movie is pretty much an explosion of bright colours, really. Just like Kalafina's Seventh Heaven PV. We get to see a kick-ass Azaka here, plus a little bit about hers and Mikiya's past. The Shiki-Azaka combo is funny to watch, with Shiki acting a bit aloof and Azaka being demanding toward her XD

Plus, we get to see Azaka use her fire magic, which is also a wonderful bright-coloured explosion of awesomeness. The soundtrack of the movie is different from the previous movies, and it's quite calming and sounds a bit like Kalafina's fairytale song, which is the ending theme. The only thing I find disturbing is the scene towards the end, where Araya meets Keita. Can I just say... It was probably the worst part I had ever watched so far in the KnK series. I felt queasy watching it, and I thought the arms-and legs-twisting of movie 3 was bad enough. This one tops it off as the most violent/sadistic part of KnK. Well, for now anyways, since I haven't watched movie 7 yet.

Conclusion: When are they going to release movie 7 on DVD?? Fly me to Japan now so I can just watch at the cinema~~~ :3

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