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I am being very, very naughty indeed. Reading a PH fanfic and updating my journals while I'm supposed to work on the company website :P

A happy news, I passed my Trinity Grade 4 piano exam! *throws confetti*

I would have become a soulless lump of gloom and despair if I actually failed the exam. To be honest, I seriously had a lingering thought that I *might* (le gasp!) have failed it. But for some reason which will probably remain unknown to me, the lady examiner gave me unbelievably high marks for my exam pieces. So the breakdown for the exam:
  • Pieces: Unbelievably high marks for all of them, some of which I feel quite undeserved >.<
  • Exercises: Not bad, I guess? Although the first exercise was pretty much.... horrible, in my opinion. The rest are fine.
  • Sight Reading: My terrible, terrible weakness. Need I say more? Probably the only deserving score I got XD 
  • Aural: Would have aced it - but answered wrongly for the interval. Perfect 4th became perfect 5th ._.
Did I miss anything? Pretty sure that's it. The last time I took a piano exam about... 3 years ago, I think? It was ABRSM Grade 2 exam. The examiner was pretty thorough and gave some really good comments about the whole exam in my marking sheet. Which I really appreciate - because you can tell which parts need more work. [Okay, I have some issues with this particular examiner because she said I answered wrongly for aural - which left me and my teacher feeling incredulous when we looked at the marking sheet. But I'll skip that whining.]

This time around though, there is hardly any comments. Whilst I am really glad I passed the exam, some constructive comments would be very much appreciated. But anyway, I passed. Maybe I should leave it at that, yes? :P
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Updates! Haven't written in a while, I was too lazy to write :P

Piano lessons going on okay (kinda), thank God for that. I just need to force myself to practice everyday as much as I can, cause I know sometimes I'm just too bloody lazy to practice, and other times I'm simply too tired. My sight reading still sucks as usual... and my teacher knows it too, so she's been making me play the sight reading pieces straight away to train me. But so far, the attempt isn't going too well unfortunately. And I wish there was a way for me to make my left hand much stronger so that I'll have better controls when I play. It was so evident when I play the scales, since I have to play it in staccato, and I keep pressing the wrong keys, or playing the notes with the wrong finger.

So, I'm printing some more stuff to play, especially the Hanon exercises to help me cope with this. Now if I could just force myself to play...

On a rather non-artistic note, I've just shown myself to be completely hopeless in drawing human subjects in Fine Arts class XD

Seriously, I feel sorry for my friend cause I totally butchered her face in my drawing. We were supposed to draw a classmate's portrait drawing last Tuesday, and may I say, I failed with flying colors XD

And now I have to submit two figure drawings by next Tuesday. TWO! I suck at drawing human subjects cause I draw them waaaay out of proportion, and I have to submit another two of em? :(

Hopefully things will get better when we finally get the chance to play with the acrylic paint. Although I think it'll be pretty troublesome too, since you can't erase mistakes easily like a pencil sketch. We'll see how that goes :)

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