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It's official. Year 2011 is about to become (for me) the year for attending friends' weddings.

should i be freaking out about my singleton status already? nah.. still too early for me XD

But really, last year there were lots of friends getting engaged, so this year the wedding invitations starts coming in. I've got a wedding to attend this weekend too. A dear friend from secondary school is getting married. I practically spent the whole Sunday at her house helping out with the wedding preparations. And got a shock at realizing how utterly clueless I am at trying to decorate all the hantaran and other stuff. Guess I'm just not creative enough for these sort of things.

I would really love to get her a lovely wedding gift, but so far I haven't been able to look around the shops much lately, and I have absolutely no idea what kind of gift I should get. Any thoughts? I'm not that stingy when giving presents, but I'd really like to get something the newlyweds could use.

And as it so happens, the wedding also coincided with the Bersih 2.0 rally -- demanding a free and fair election process, and they just have to choose the July 9 date for it :(

My friends and I are concerned that the rally might cause some roads to be closed, or roadblocks mounted at certain parts of the city by the police, or roads reduced to one lanes leading to the rally, or.... lots of other not very entertaining thoughts come to mind, really.  Some of my friends promised to be there early in the morning to help out. And I'll be there during the reception itself because I couldn't make it in the morning. But it's a huge concern for us in case we are left with limited choices of routes to get to the wedding. And I live quite far from the wedding venue.

Really, can't even get married and enjoy the merrymaking in peace >.<
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It's been a long time since the previous update. I blame work and lack of motivation for the lack of updates u_u

So on to some news, both on the exciting and not so exciting part.

Sad news: Voice Actress Kawakami Tomoko passed away at the relatively young age of 41 after losing her battle against ovarian cancer. She was famous for her role as Utena in Revolutionary Girl Utena, which sadly, I have never watched before, but now I plan to. But I have always adored her as the voice of Misuzu (AIR), and as Rosette in Chrono Crusade. She has a recurring role in Bleach (as Soi Fon) too, so I guess they will have to find a replacement soon. Edit: Oops, wrong info. She only voiced Soi Fon until Ep 206, and after that it was voiced by Kuwashima Houko.

RIP Kawakami-san, you will be remembered of fondly :(

Good news 1: To take our minds off the depressing news above....

Kalafina 3rd album confirmed! :D
Nothing yet so far apart from it will be released sometime this autumn, but still... I'm seriously excited about this! There has only been only 2 singles so far -- Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa and Magia, but since it's been confirmed that Kajiura Yuki will be in charge of the music for Fate/Zero, is it too much to hope Kalafina will sing one of the theme songs? 

Still, I'm stoked by this news. And you can bet I'll be pre-ordering it this time round XD

Good news 2: I'm going to Japan tomorrow! :D

Well, it's actually a (super duper) short vacation in Tokyo, really. I'll be going with my dad and sister. Mom and my brother will have to stay home cause they can't get any leave with their current schedule. We'll depart tomorrow (Tuesday) and we'll be back home on Friday. Short, right?

But then again, none of us could really be away from work for too long. But we still want to have our vacation, so we decided to just get on with it or we'll never get the chance to go there :P

I have no idea how much I'll be able to spend... I think I could pretty much guess how much are the stuff I want to buy -- like CDs and such. But seriously, converted some ringgit to yen here, and RM 1,500 = ~40,000 yen only? o_O

I wonder how much money I'll have left once I buy souvenirs for family and colleagues... *sigh* I'm going to be broke T-T

I'll most likely post some pics of the trip when I get back ^^
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Ugh.. I wanted to go to the KL International Book Fair, but decided not to. My parents were having a spring cleaning of our front porch--basically cleaning up the floors that's gotten dirty with soil and moss using a high pressure water gun. Which is pretty awesome XD but it hurts if you accidentally sprayed yourself D:

But in a way, I'm kinda glad I didn't go, because it was raining heavily just now, which would suck because I would've gone by train, and not car. Do not like being soaked by rain.

My sister is finishing up her Master's degree thesis, and I'm helping her to proofread the draft, which I will get down to once I finish procrastinating on the web (lol). I'm not sure whether I want to continue my own studies. I definitely have an interest to do so, but I'm not sure which field of study I should go to. Apparently you need at least 2 years of working experience before you can apply for an MBA. And since I just graduated last year, it's a no go---for now.

And off to some not very pleasant fandom related news.

Tokyopop is shutting down their North American division


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Whoa. The earthquake in Japan was really huge. An earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter Scale in a country already very well known for its earthquakes? Not good.

The tsunami scares the hell out of me! ;_;

I found out about it when I saw a friend's Facebook status. She's studying there, but due to come back home to Malaysia for good this end March. Thankfully, her university in Niigata is on the West side of Japan, so I think they should be fine. In terms of tsunami anyway. They still felt the quake.

Scary >.<

My prayers to all the Japanese people. Hopefully, there won't be too many casualties from this.

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