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It's official. Year 2011 is about to become (for me) the year for attending friends' weddings.

should i be freaking out about my singleton status already? nah.. still too early for me XD

But really, last year there were lots of friends getting engaged, so this year the wedding invitations starts coming in. I've got a wedding to attend this weekend too. A dear friend from secondary school is getting married. I practically spent the whole Sunday at her house helping out with the wedding preparations. And got a shock at realizing how utterly clueless I am at trying to decorate all the hantaran and other stuff. Guess I'm just not creative enough for these sort of things.

I would really love to get her a lovely wedding gift, but so far I haven't been able to look around the shops much lately, and I have absolutely no idea what kind of gift I should get. Any thoughts? I'm not that stingy when giving presents, but I'd really like to get something the newlyweds could use.

And as it so happens, the wedding also coincided with the Bersih 2.0 rally -- demanding a free and fair election process, and they just have to choose the July 9 date for it :(

My friends and I are concerned that the rally might cause some roads to be closed, or roadblocks mounted at certain parts of the city by the police, or roads reduced to one lanes leading to the rally, or.... lots of other not very entertaining thoughts come to mind, really.  Some of my friends promised to be there early in the morning to help out. And I'll be there during the reception itself because I couldn't make it in the morning. But it's a huge concern for us in case we are left with limited choices of routes to get to the wedding. And I live quite far from the wedding venue.

Really, can't even get married and enjoy the merrymaking in peace >.<
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