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I went to Kinokuniya at KLCC yesterday to chaperone my young cousin to the bookstore because no other adults were available (since my lil sis is doing her internship) and our weekends are booked due to the upcoming weddings in our family. Plus I had way too much free time on my hands XP

It was a long while since I went to KLCC.. I usually just went to Mid-Valley coz its just so much more nearer to where I live (and near to uni). I planned to buy a cousin of mine who just turned 14 last week a book as her belated birthday present, but I ended up buying more than I thought I would have.

I managed to buy a kakuro book I've always wanted to buy. If you don't know what kakuro is.. it's similar to sudoku. It's a Japanese puzzle with a format similar to a crossword puzzle which features across or down numerical clues that you have to add up to result to the amount written at the top of the line/row. I don't normally see a lot of Kakuro books around. So I thought, I'd just grab one, since I've always wanted to and I'm already bored with sudoku anyways. I just wish they'd have a cheaper book, though. This one costs me MYR 25.

But what I really didn't bargain was finding (and later buying) Vampire Knight vol 8 and 9 for MYR 18 each! I mean.. just 18? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price! And I couldn't resist not buying them.. The truth is, I really wanted to buy one of the Trinity Blood novels.. but they cost around MYR 35.. and I could buy 2 vols of VK with the same price. So VK it is XD

But it was only when I got home and unwrapped the books from their plastic covers did I realise that the reason they were cheap is that they were printed in Singapore, and it wasn't the ones by Viz Media (the ones holding the license for English language release in North America). I'm pretty sure the ones by Viz costs about the same as the usual ones ~ around MYR 33-35. Ah well.. I just wanted a copy of the manga volumes instead of just reading off the scanlations.

Not sure what the Viz ones are like, but the copy I own writes Yuuki as Yuki, and pure bloods becomes the true bloods. Can't say I like the way they changed it so much, but I'll probably buy volume 10 by Viz when they're out to see the difference ^^

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