Jan. 7th, 2011

mierin: (dreaming sakura)
The first episode is already available for watching - with subs! That's super fast... wasn't it only aired yesterday? XD

Anyway, it looks pretty interesting. And we have Kalafina's Magia playing right off the bat! Sounds like a pretty dark song, but I'll reserve that until I find the lyrics. Music wise, there isn't much to talk about yet I guess. At first I thought the first music was the battle theme or something - turns out it was Magia instead. Sounds awesome though. Can't wait to listen to the full version. The other little bits in the episode does have Kajiura sound to them - especially the BGM around the 2nd half, with the operatic voice in battle - another Mezame in the making?

The world design looked a bit futuristic. And from the first episode, I kinda like every character so far, even Akemi (isn't it supposed to be Homura Akemi instead of Akemi Homura? Oh well...). Madoka seems to be a pretty likeable character to me. And that Kyubey thingy reminds me of white Mokona :P

I'm looking forward to episode 2 already ^^

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