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I suddenly found that I've been buying and buying books a lot lately, and haven't really read most of them yet. So I've decided to make a little list of the stuff that I am planning to read (soon hopefully :P)

And I might as well double it as my wishlist. Since I always forgot that I meant to buy some stuff.

I'll keep this updated and cross out the ones I've finished. I hope.

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson: The Wheel of Time Book 12 - The Gathering Storm [completed 31-12-2010]
Neil Gaiman: Stardust  [completed 15-01-2011]
Amir Muhammad: Rojak  [completed 02-04-2011]
Philippa Gregory: The Red Queen
Trinity Blood, Rage Against the Moon: Judgement Day
Trinity Blood, Reborn on the Mars: Star of Sorrow

Torey Hayden: Twilight Children ---> Currently reading
Mike Gayle: The Importance of Being Bachelor
Bret Lott: Jewel

Anthology: Penguin Science Fiction
Penelope Fitzgerald: The Gate of Angels
Tanizaki Junichiro: The Makioka Sisters
Norman Maclean: A River Runs Through It
Lydia Teh: Honk! If you're Malaysian
Geling Yan: The Lost Daughter of Happiness
Alyson Noel: Blue Moon
Alyson Noel: Shadowland

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Blogging to Unblock
Adibah Amin: As I Was Passing

Trinity Blood, Reborn on the Mars: The Iblis
Kara no Kyoukai light novels (although I have a sinking feeling this will never see the light of day. Stupid Del Ray >.<)
Update: And perhaps it never will, considering the latest news I've heard so far, or maybe it will take a very very very long time.

Brandon Sanderson: Wheel of Time book 13: Towers of Midnight
Patricia Cornwell: Port Mortuary
Brandon Sanderson: Elantris
Brandon Sanderson: The Mistborn Trilogy
Bill Bryson: At Home <- I saw this actually, but it looked humongous + hard cover, so now I'm in a fix on whether I should buy this

Kara no Kyoukai Blue-ray Disc Box
Quote: The box will retail at 52,500 yen (about US$620) with tax included >.>
Ah well, it's already released anyway, guess I'll just leech :P

A PS3... T_T

Install a new audio system in my car - with MP3 and CD player (Mine is still using cassette)

Buy a new laptop


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