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Yesterday it was confirmed that the project I had been working on has officially concluded! Hurray! :D  *throws confetti*

And just a few days short of when I have to leave too. I'm glad this project is finally finished within the timeline I hoped. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment seeing it going along smoothly. There were some bumps on the road, of course... and could have been better managed had I been a bit more expressive with my opinions. And the next people to take over the processes from now on hopefully won't have too much trouble. End of year 2010 + start of year 2011 = tons of cargo moving from the ports, either by shippers striving to get their end of year shipments out, or those wanting to get the first shipment of 2011 out.

Plus, it's something I can mention in my resume! Leadership skills-wise.... probably not so outstanding, but at least now I have some management experience under my belt ^^

Although the sad things is, six months into my tenure at this company, and I'm none the wiser of what I want to do after this once my contract ends.

Which is... really pathetic, to be honest.

Do I want to continue being in the engineering field, or do I want to continue my studies? Which begs another question - What course do I want to take? Seriously, my life is so fucked up. I have no clear view of what I even want. Maybe I really should have taken my mom's advice at that time, but the thought of it made me refuse to go into that path. Even though I actually do enjoy it, I don't want to study language/literature 24/7, you know? :\

Thursday is my last day at Maersk. And strangely enough, I'm looking forward to it. I have plans to settle some outstanding matters in my very loooong to-do list (mostly banking, organizing, and job search related). My wallet's going to be tight though, so I'll have to be careful with my expenditure. I guess a new piano is going to be put on hold until my financial situation improves.


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