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Happy New Year!

I basically celebrated the new year by...... being snug in bed XD

Haha.. yeah, I'm not really the type to party around anyway. I absolutely abhor being in crowded and noisy places. And besides, I'd rather stay home and do my own stuff anyway. Why yes, I am a hermit indeed :P

Spent the first day of 2011 being reacquainted with my beloved piano. Now that I'll have more free time, I plan to play more. I've been going through my old printed music sheets and books trying them out again. I have so many things that I actually wanted to try out, so either I saved the music sheets in my computer, or I printed them out but never really tried to play them properly.

What I realized is that when you start working, time spent on your hobbies and passion just gets lesser and lesser... even though you DO want to spend time on it, other stuff takes precedence instead. Ah well, that's life for you.

Happy New Year to everyone. May this year be much better year for all of us :)

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